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  • Monthly Customized At-Home Training Plan
  • Monthly Full Body Assessments
  • Monthly Nutrition Coach Calls
  • Personalized Habit-Based Nutrition Plan
  • 24/7 Support Message Thread
  • Vast, Detailed Workout Library with Video and Audio Instruction
  • Recipe Manual with easy to follow meals
  • Private Community for support and accountability

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Nutrition Coaching

  • Personalized Habit-Based Nutrition Plan
  • Bi-Weekly Coach Calls
  • PDFs, audio files, videos and more to help you learn how to eat for you
  • 24/7 Support Message Thread
  • Recipe Manual with easy to follow meals
  • Private Community for support and accountability
  • BONUS: 10 Day Detox Program
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Feeling bloated all the time? Struggling with unwanted belly fat no matter what you try?

It may be time to do something different. These are the exact supplements I use and recommend to my ladies for amazing results!

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Meet Coach Mia

Co-Founder, CEO Lift & Flow Performance

Dedicated Partner and Mother of 3 Rescued Fur Babies

2019 North Hollywood's Best Women Personal Trainer

Creator of Plant Empowered: 21 Day Jumpstart To A Healthy You

LA's Women Push-Up Specialist

Multi-Sport Athlete

Certified Personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition L1

Stretch Therapist

It took my mother getting really sick, gaining extra unwanted weight and no doctors being able to explain why for me to realize that other women needed my help.

After helping my mother drop 30lbs and keep it off, bringing her energy back up so she could keep up with her pre-schoolers, and reducing the chronic aches and pains she was experiencing in her arms and legs, Lift & Flow Performance was born.

What makes us different and better than other fitness companies is that we take a complete individual approach. We know and recognize that we are all as unique as our fingerprint.

With that in mind, we dedicate ourselves to teaching women how to eat for their bodies to speed up their metabolism and help their bodies heal. We teach them how to workout for where their fitness level is right now and where they want to be.

Lastly, at Lift & Flow Performance we teach lifestyle habits to last forever so we can make sure our women aren’t simply living but thriving!

Helping Women Nationwide Lose The Weight That Has Been Holding Them Back So That They Can Live A Life Of Confidence, Fun And Freedom


Phone No: 818-966-3498

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