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Our success stories are full of women who reach their dream goals because they don't have to do it alone!

In "Commit To Fit" we lean on the other women involved in this one of a kind program.

We share success stories, challenges, post videos for feedback from Coach Mia, swap recipes and cheer one another on!

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Our ladies who follow the program and put in the work, immediately feel an abundance of energy, have a more toned body and drop 1-2 dress sizes all within the FIRST MONTH!!!

With this program not only do you get to workout on YOUR OWN TIME, but you get to do so without fear of COVID, get crazy strong so you can do the things your love and GET NUTRITION COACHING on top of it!


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"If you focus on being only 1% every day, by the end of the year, you'll be 360% better! Don't overhaul your life all at once, just do the work every single day. That is your magic pill." - Coach Mia

Seven years ago I got my start in fitness watching YouTube videos and working out in the office after everyone left and it worked for a while. Then I plateaued because I didn’t actually have a system for progress and one that incorporated my entire body. I kind of just stuck with what I know...sound familiar?

So began the hunt for fitness classes, which was a bust because either they didn’t fit my schedule or the instructor didn’t pay enough attention to me. Eventually I discovered the good coaches don’t live near and I entered the world of online training. Shortly after, I placed 3rd in my first bodybuilding competition. I guess it worked? I discovered with proper programming and instruction I could really change my body.

That is exactly what I want to give to you.

Creating online programming has been a goal of mind to be able to really service those women who like me can’t find a class they like, are stuck in a plateau or simply want to train hard on their own time.

This is all of that AND MORE!!!

- Coach Mia


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1 BONUS Glutes & Abs Workout

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